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  I'm Eri, aka 梁嘉裕 (my Chinese name), a freelance graphic 

   designer trying to find her feet.

  For the last couple of years after graduation, I have designed       signs, posters, business cards and post for social media. 

I am always passionate about animation & illustration,

    and throughout my study, I have gained more interest in 

     typography, branding and digitals, and seeking for more

     opportunities to experience them. 

     If I am not doing design work, you might find me running

    around playing Ultimate Frisbee :)

Illsutration of me 06nov19_edit_png.png

I love to draw and create new concepts with the thought of giving my audience brand new experience. I always seek new skills to learn, in order to develop my work.

I want to make a difference. 

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