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KTS full logo.jpg

Knutsford Tree Services provides professional suggestion and service in different tree matters such as tree felling, tree pruning and hedge trimming etc.

In the design brief, client has requested to have 2 shades of green and a professional approach for the whole logo design. And the logo will be used digitally and in print.

For the choice of colour, I have picked 2 greens with more yellow tone to it for a nature and peaceful effect. And the 90% black in comparison of the green will make the logo as a whole brighter.

For typeface decision, I have used sans serif due to its clarity, since the logo will be print on t-shirt and van, client wants the logo to be readable in high speed movement situation.


The purpose of a person figure next to the tree

icon is to show the customers our care towards trees and gives a friendly impression.

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